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Episode 6: Seasons

On this week’s episode of A Good Return, Ni’Kesia and Dr. Corey kick things off by touching on this season’s lack of cheer due to the significant life changes that 2020 has brought on (1:40). After laughing through the shares of their “good return” for the week (The Doc, 4:01; Ni’Kesia 6:06) and flashing back to the ’90s, they then jump into the full topic of the different seasons you experience during your walk with God (10:00) and how adjust throughout them.

Seeds to sow from this episode: During this refining season and this resting season, it is OK to seek counseling; You’re not alone.

Correlating scripture: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” — Ecclesiastes 3:1

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